Job Shadow

UAMS Nurse Recruitment offers a job shadow experience (observation only) for high school and college students, or second career adults, interested in pursuing a career in nursing.

Students at least 16 years of age, but less than 18 years, may shadow up to 6 hours.

Age 18 or older may shadow up to 12 hours.

To request a job shadow, please contact:, and include the information below in the request:

  • Name/age/email address 
  • Desired clinical area for shadow
  • Desired date with start and stop time of shadow (maximum length of shadow is between 6-12 hours)

Once we have received your request and the necessary information, you will be contacted regarding our required forms and area specific information. Due to volume, we ask for one shadow request per student.

*During the months between October 1 – May 1,  proof of a flu vaccine will be required*


Frequently Asked Questions:

I am younger than 18. Do I need my parents to sign the Job Shadow consent forms?
Yes, there is a place on the “HIPAA Training” and “Confidentiality and Hold Harmless Agreement” forms for your parent or guardian to sign.

 How far in advance should I submit my completed Job Shadow Forms?

We ask that you turn in your request and required documentation 2 weeks prior to your requested date.   

 Are there certain areas that will not accept Job Shadowing participants?
There are certain hospital departments that will not accept shadowing participants.  We will make every effort to accommodate you, but cannot guarantee that we will be able to match you with a certain area/department. 

 Where will I meet hospital staff on the day of my job shadow experience?
Student will receive an email confirmation that will include details of where to meet and also the date of your scheduled shadow experience.  Dress Code, parking and food options, will also be included.