Nomination for the BEE Award

1. Any patient care staff from any Integrated Clinical Enterprise department who assists the Register Nurse (RN) or patient/family to deliver direct patient care is eligible.

2. Anyone (staff, physician, family, patient, etc.) may initiate the nomination process:

  • Contact a representative from the Image Council via the Nurse Recruitment Office at 501-686-5691, Ext.1.
  • Obtain the nomination form located in Nurse Recruitment Office, 7th floor, Central Hospital 7D01.
  • Contact the Clinical Service Manager (CSM), Charge Nurse or Clinic Manager.
  • Complete an online nomination located at, select ‘Recognition‘ tab, BEE Award Nomination.

3. Two peers and/or one patient/family member can submit a written supportive statement explaining why the nominee is deserving of the award. (Please provide a specific example).

4. The manager will be required to sign and complete the Manager Screening Tool noting specific nurse/patient experiences.

5. Both the supporting statements and Manager Screening Tool must be complete and returned to the Nurse Recruitment Office (Fax 686-5698) no later than the first Friday of each month. Nominations are considered by the Image Council for three months.

CARE: To Inspire Compassion, Positive Attitude, Respect and Excellence in the delivery of quality healthcare to our patients and families.

The BEE Award Online Nomination Form

  • Please complete the form and click the Submit button at the bottom of this form.
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