Documentation System

U-Connect is the UAMS installation of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software by Epic, a nationally recognized leader in medical software. The UAMS U-Connect project integrates all patient information into one EMR that can be used across the UAMS campus – including inpatient, outpatient, pharmacy, radiology and lab records. The U-Connect installation is essential to furthering the UAMS mission of providing world-class, patient and family centered care to our patients from Arkansas, across the country and around the world.

By streamlining workflows, enhancing collaboration and decreasing duplication of effort, U-Connect provides caregivers more direct time at the bedside. Clinical quality is improved with evidence-based practice tools and resources. All patient clinical information is located in a single record, including access to historical information from prior encounters. Simply stated, U-Connect will provide clinicians with the information they need, when and where they need it…at the point of care, in their office, even at home via the internet.

U-Connect will also significantly improve communication between disciplines, reduce overall costs of delivering care, and improve patient safety. This interdisciplinary approach to care delivery will better enable clinicians to achieve the UAMS mission of being a world class medical sciences center where excellence is the defining characteristic.

For more information, Visit Epic internal UAMS site.

UAMS MyChart

Epic also offers a patient portal named MyChart for patients to access online their personal health information. Patients can see lab and test results, pay bills, schedule appointments, refill prescriptions and send secure messages to clinic doctors. Clinic patients receive a MyChart activation code on their After Visit Summary (AVS). Hospital patients receive an activation code at discharge, or they may ask for one during their stay. The activation code will work for 30 days after it is generated. As a member of a patient’s care team, you can generate a MyChart code at any time.