Clinical Ladder

The UAMS Nurses Clinical Ladder (CL) provides a framework for the nurse on a professional journey.  This program describes the roles and competency expectations within each practice level, i.e., RN NG, RN I, RN II, RN III, etc.  The basis for progression of the clinical and leadership expectations in the performance appraisal documents are based upon the “Benner Model” which delineates the nurse’s career path from novice to expert.

While every UAMS Medical Center RN will be expected to attain and maintain the RN III level of proficient practice, progression beyond that level is optional, i.e., RN IV, RN V, or Resource Nurse. This voluntary progression allows each RN to determine whether the addition of a 6-month commitment in one of the resource nurse roles or promotion to RN IV (BSN) or RN V (Graduate Degree) is right for their own work-life balance and professional development goals.

If the voluntary track the RN chooses requires attainment of additional formal education (BSN or Graduate Degree), our flexible staffing options and tuition discount (BSN only) benefits make this possible while continuing to work. Please refer to the attached chart to help further explain this program.