Nurses Month Week 1


Self care encompasses so much more than your normal daily routines and most of the time we do not realize we need more. Here are a few resources to help us take our self care to the next level.

Physical and Nutritional

Check out these Wellness Resources: Mindfulness, Nutrition, Stretching, and Support.

Emotional – Writing for Wellness

Expressive writing is penning your thoughts and feelings about an event, topic, or experience. The act of writing down these feelings and experiences has been shown to have psychological benefits, including reduced stress and improved mood. Storytelling has also been shown to be an effective teaching technique by experienced nurses to newer nurses. Reading and hearing the stories of others in similar circumstances also provides the support needed to continue to persevere. The best stories do not merely share the facts of the circumstances, but give the reader and in-depth look at your experience, thoughts, and feelings.

We want to hear your stories.

Please visit the resources below to get you started in telling your story.

Click here to see a nursing story example

Possible Prompts:

  • Orienting a new nurse in a pandemic
  • Caring for patients without family presence
  • Experiences of nurses with virtual learners at home
  • Social unrest during the pandemic
  • Being identified as a nurse in the community

Writing Form

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