Transfer to PRN

  1. Complete on-line Application for position # 50008881 @
  2. Request transfer acknowledgment to be sent by the Clinical Services/Clinic Manager to
  3. Request Clinical Services/Clinic Manager to initiate online Employee Separation Process  ‘Employee Transitions Regular to Temp’ for transfer to same unit or ‘Employee Transferring: Department/Unit’ for transfer off unit A. Employee responsible to provide to Clinical Services/Clinic Manager:
    a. Current address
    b. W2 address
    c. Secondary non-UAMS email address to receive communication from Nursing Business Office for final check r/t Vacation/Holiday
    d. Repayment of Funds > Contact Nursing Business Office, 7B, Central Hospital (501-686- 7179) if on contract for:
    i. Educational Commitment
    ii. Loan Assistance or Loan Payback
    e. Last Day to Work B. Employee responsible to also provide if transferring off unit: a. thru e. above plus b. Keys c. Equipment d. Exit Interview (must be completed on UAMS computer).
  4. Annual competencies are required to be current. Check status by logging onto Training Tracker.
  5. Contact the Nurse Recruitment Office BEFORE your last working day to verify your PRN application was received and approved. Failure to secure a transfer by last working day will result in termination verses transfer.