Transfer to PRN

  1. Complete on-line Application for requisition #36410 @
  2. Email Clinical Services/Clinic Manager resignation date to transfer from a benefit position (50% >) to PRN.
  3. Contact HR Nursing, 7B, Central Hospital (501-686-7179) if on contract for:
    • Educational Commitment
    • Loan Assistance or Loan Payback
  1. HR Nursing will notify employee and Clinical Services/Clinic Manager with next steps to clear campus before processing final check r/t the following departments (if applicable):
    • Exit Interview Survey located @ > Resource Tab > Exit Interview (must be completed on UAMS computer).
    • Parking (Off campus, Distribution Center @ 501-526-7275)
    • HR Benefits (4C, Central Building)
    • Medical Records (EPIC documentation)
    • Key Shop
  1. Annual competencies are required to be current. Check status by logging onto (select ‘Training Tracker’ from drop down menu).
  1. Contact the Nurse Recruitment Office BEFORE your last working day to verify your PRN application was received and approved.  Failure to secure a transfer by the last working day will result in termination verses transfer.