Contact the Nurse Recruitment Office at 501-686-5691 for current openings.


  1. Payroll and Sign-up papers must be completed before start date. Contact Nurse Recruitment to schedule appointment between 9-12N/1-3p in the HR Recruitment-Nursing office. Bring 2 forms of ID listed( SS and DL) @, select “New Employee”, CPR card, grade report and nursing school’s Foundation Skills Checklist/Syllabus.
  2. Modules and ID Badge must be completed before 1st working day.  Clinical Service Manager (CSM) will approve up to 8 hours EDU time to complete online modules. A six week period is allowed to complete CCA orientation including five (5) required classes and five (5) shifts for CCA clinical check-offs.  CCAs cannot perform any skill until classes/check-offs are complete or CSM will remove CCA from schedule/position.
  3. To foster professionalism, CCA’s are hired for a specific unit and required to work every other weekend to equal a minimum of 16 hours/pay period unless otherwise authorized by the CSM.
  4. CSM’s are responsible for CCA scheduling.  CCA’s request for schedule changes must be made to the CSM in writing prior to posting the two week schedule.
  5. CCA’s are expected to fulfill work commitments on unit of assignment prior to working on other units.  Contact the Resource Management Office for available shifts on other units.  CCA’s will also be pulled according to unit policy.
  6. Call-ins and cancellations are in accordance with Department policy (see Employee Handbook @, select  “Policies”, “Staff Handbook”).
  7. CCA’s are expected to provide two weeks written notice for resignations.  Failure to comply will be reflected on job references.
  8. CCA’s may transfer after 6 months.  The Nurse Recruitment Office will facilitate transfers based on availability and placement on the CCA Wait list.
  9. CCA’s are encouraged to seek out learning opportunities and communicate needs with staff.  However, since the CCA is an employee not a student position, CCA cannot perform any skill outside the CCA role.  This also applies to Summer Externs who transfer into a CCA position.
  10. CCA’s will be evaluated at 90 days and participate in an annual review with CSM.
  11. CCA’s are expected to provide written proof, i.e., Transcript, Grade Report, Registration or Formal Nursing School Letter to validate student status to CSM within 30 days after the close of each semester.
  12. CCA’s who desire to take the LPN Boards are required to notify the CSM prior to testing date.  If LPN license is obtained, CCA is required to meet with CSM to review/sign CCA/LPN Disclosure r/t CCA Scope of Practice.
  13. CCA position expires on the last day of the month of graduation.

Revised 6/17