RN Refer a Nurse (Limited Time Only) for Oncology, Operating Room and ICUs

Refer a New Direct Care RN and Earn $12,000 by using the Referral Form link below

Effective December 11, 2017

Revised December 18, 2018

Revised April 8 & August 1, 2019

You Are Our Best Asset! Check out the Integrated Clinical Enterprise (ICE) RN Program where any full-time or part-time (50%) nurse within ICE is eligible to refer a full-time RN who meets the following criteria:

  • RN must be working at the bedside in an acute care hospital in a non-management, direct patient care area (100%).
  • RN experience must be full-time within the past 24 months with no gaps in work history.  Up to a 90 day (in-state) and up to a 180 day (out of state) gap in work history allowed immediately prior to hire date.
  • Direct Care RN to be hired in the SAME area that is open 24 hours/day, seven days/week ONLY in Oncology or Operating Room or ICUs (E4/H4).


Here are the basics of the program:

  • Referring nurse’s name, department and phone# must be listed on the application under “Source Information” section at the time of application, prior to hire/start date.
  • Referral form must be completed matching the referring nurse’s name and submitted to Nurse Recruitment before processing will occur and prior to the completion of the probation period.   
  • Referring nurse can only refer one nurse at a time. Once referral payments are complete, referring nurse is eligible to refer another nurse.
  • Receive $1000 after new hire successfully completes the probationary period. $3000 balance is paid at the end of one year. $4000 balance is paid at the end of two years and three years of employment. Recipient responsible for taxes.
  • Both employees must maintain same or greater employment status to receive payments.
  • Ineligible employees: Nursing Directors, Clinical Services Managers, Advanced Practice Partners, ADONs, Nurse Recruitment, UAMS float pool/travel nurse/agency nurse/internal transfer and/or rehires less than 6 months of most recent termination date.

Consult Nurse Recruitment for specific details that are subject to change based on need or contact us by calling, 501-686-5691 ext. 1, or e-mail nurserecruitment@uams.edu.

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