High Risk Obstetrical Gynecology and Perinatal

High Risk Obstetrical (A5)

A5 High Risk Obstetrical unit is located in the Central Building on the 5th floor. The unit consists of 12 private rooms, as well as a neonatal stabilization area used to stabilize acutely ill neonates with specially trained staff. As the state-wide referral center for high-risk obstetrical patients, the unit provides exceptional care to mothers from across the state who require closer monitoring and observation during their pregnancy and during their postpartum recovery period. The A5 High Risk Obstetrical unit focuses on providing patient and family centered care that is consistent with evidence based practices. Registered nurses received unit-specific training including NRP certification.


Perinatal (E6)

E6, Perinatal unit consists of 28 individual private rooms to provide couplet care to moms and babies. This unit also provides care for patients requiring short stay gynecologic (GYN) surgery, such as a hysterectomy. UAMS is a state-wide referral center for high-risk obstetrical patients. Our mother-baby unit provides mothers and babies with exceptional care.

Our nursing objectives focus on providing unsurpassed care that is rooted in evidence based practices and centered on patient and family care. Our new mothers and their care givers are guided and educated on parenting roles dedicated to fostering optimal mother-infant bonding and interaction, breastfeeding and following the 10 Steps to Successful Breastfeeding provided by the World Health Organization, and safe sleep. UAMS is a Baby Friendly designated facility since February 2018.