August 11, 2020

April 2020 DAISY Award

DAISYDonna Moravec, LPN – Dermatology Clinic

Please join the Center for Nursing Excellence in congratulating Donna Moravec, LPN for being selected as the DAISY Award recipient for the month of April!

Donna works in the Dermatology Clinic and was nominated by seven different UAMS co-workers.  The nominations below reflects how Donna impacted their life in a very special way.

First nomination – Co-worker – Anonymous

Donna is one of the strong pillars of the dermatology clinic; I’m not sure what we would do without her!  She’s hard working, caring, goes above and beyond.”

Second nomination – Co-worker – Logan Rush

“Donna is the only RN in our clinic and is therefore responsible for many duties including being the only one who can draw up certain medications.  She does this all while putting patients in phototherapy, triaging phone calls, helping set up with biopsies, and much more.  She does this without complaining and never seeks recognition for all she does behind the scenes.  She has been at UAMS for decades.  I believe our clinically vitally needs her and she deserves recognition for her work.  Patients love her and know her by name.”

Third nomination – Co-worker – Kim Aeits

“Donna is dedicated to caring for patients and is training and retraining temporary staff on a daily basis without complaining.  She is one of the most dedicated hard working nurses I know.”

Fourth nomination – Co-worker – Thomas Jennings

“Donna has been a rock in the dermatology clinic during the last several years.  Currently, the clinic is understaffed from both a nurses and physician’s standpoint, this is leading to clinics being vastly overbooked.  She has maintained outstanding patient service by fielding most of the incoming calls, covering most of the nursing follow up visits, and keeping the clinic running smoothly.  She has done all this while maintaining a positive and charming attitude.  We are lucky to have Donna as a part of our team.”

Fifth nomination – Co-worker – Tara Oetken

“Donna has been with us in the dermatology department for years.  The department would not run without her!  She is currently the only nurse in our clinic and answer patient phone calls, draws up our medications, and does numerous other tasks.  She is always willing to go above and beyond for patients and residents with a smile on her face!”

Sixth nomination – Co-worker – Stephen Matlock

“Donna does the job of 3 people.  We only have 2 full time nurses for our entire clinic, and we often don’t get float nurses to help out.  She answers patient’s calls, triages, rooms patients, sets up procedures, counsels patients, works to get all of the prior authorizations done, notifies the residents when there’s paper work missing, and when we do get a float nurse, takes time to teach them how the clinic flows and trains them to set up procedures (a painstaking process).  On top of all that, she is always smiling, understanding, and never complains.  I genuinely don’t think our clinic could function without Donna.”


Seventh nomination – Co-worker – Edita Newton

“I cannot believe it has taken me over a year (since my start) to nominate Ms. Donna for this award when she contributes so much to our clinic.  Donna not only is an exceptional nurse in the clinic, coordinating patient care, handling all patient calls and needs, rooming patients, assisting in day to day hustle of the clinic, training new staff, and processing paperwork, she also treats all of the patients with an incredible amount of respect and empathy that I have ever seen.  She is so hard working and never ever misses a detail.  Ms. Donna is a joy to be around, she never complains, despite her having far too many responsibilities for one person.  Ms. Donna personifies the Daisy award in that she carries out her nursing job to the highest standard while also being wonderful to patients and being a lovely person to work with.  I cannot recommend her enough.  The Dermatology Clinic is very lucky to have her.”


Great job, Donna Moravec!

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