March 2, 2020

March BEE of the Month

AwardSherry Bell

Nominated by:  Patient – Amelia Walters

In my 70 years, I have had the experience of being in at least 11 physical therapy (PT) facilities.  So I think I am qualified to rank UAMS as # 1.

Over this same period, I have worked with at least 25 Physical Therapists. Sherry is absolutely one of the best I have ever encountered.

Sherry assesses the patient’s current health and abilities then she forms a plan immediately to make the most of the current situation.  She is definitely a quick thinker.

With not only with how she manages the patient’s time, but also her quick thinking shows in her humor.  Humor always makes PT much more fun, and you find yourself wanting to come again on the same day and work even harder.  Sherry has a memorable “jingle” for lack of a better word. i.e.  reminding you, which foot goes first.  I still use those “hints” for safety and efficiency as I move around my home to this day…and think of my friend, Sherry Bell.