July 1, 2019

July 2019 DAISY Award

Award Lucas White, RN – PRI 5 South – CDU

Please join the Center for Nursing Excellence in congratulating Lucas White, RN for being selected as the DAISY Award recipient for the month of July!

Lucas works on PRI 5 South – CDU and was nominated by a co-works.  The nomination below reflects how Lucas impacted their life in a very special way.

I would like to nominate Lucas White for the Daisy Award.

Lucas goes above and beyond in so many ways as the RN for the child unit.  I’ve had the pleasure of being Lucas’ instructor in nursing school and now an APRN/milieu manager that works alongside him.  Lucas does an amazing job of engaging with patients, particularly our 1:1’s.  He is able to get on their level and shows extreme empathy with them.  Lucas took it upon himself to take over my admissions role during my maternity leave for no extra pay, just to simply help the unit.  Numerous times Lucas will stay late to help cover the unit when a nurse is running behind or there is a call-in.  One of the things that makes Lucas so amazing is his personality.  He is one of the most patient and calm staff members that we have, which I think this helps him tremendously on the unit.  So many kids enjoy him and his personality.  He often times will bring magic tricks to show the kids, he always has a new joke to tell, and does an excellent job of finding their interests.  One of the things that I really like about Lucas is his unselfishness.  Lucas will often relieve others to make sure they get a break, or will take the time to be their 1:1 so they can take a break from the 1:1.  Lucas is always so eager to be a team player.  He handles our parents who have questions so well, and has the hard job of often trying to deescalate patients, all the while being the main RN on the unit.  I’ve seen Lucas be hit, kicked, bit, spit, and had items thrown at him and have yet seen him raise his voice.”

Great job, Lucas White!

To learn more about The DAISY Award or to nominate a deserving licensed nurse, please visit: http//nurses.uams.edu.