March 1, 2019

March 2019 BEE Award

BEEDraper Garner, Patient Care Technician – F7 – Stem Cell Transplant/MIRT

Please join the Center for Nursing Excellence in congratulating Draper Garner for being selected as the March BEE Award winners!

Draper is a Patient Care Technician on F7 – Stem Cell Transplant/MIRT and was nominated by a co-worker.  The following is the story of how Draper impacted his co-worker’s life in a way that they will never forget.

I joined the UAMS family at the beginning of October.  From the very first shift I worked with Draper, he made me feel welcomed on the Stem Cell Transplant Unit.  His actions show that he loves his patients, coworkers and his job.  He has gone out of his way to help me become acquainted with the hospital and the unit.  No matter what the task, Draper is always prepared and willing to help anyone.  He never has to be reminded to complete a task, he is always on his “A game”.  I have had a few days when I became overwhelmed at work and Draper is always beside me, doing what he can to assist me and encourage me to keep going.  Draper is willing to take a minute to listen to your thoughts and problems and offers positive inspiration.  I know I am going to have a great day when I arrive at work and see Draper’s name on the schedule.  He is an important part of F7 and a great coworker to everyone.  Draper deserves to be rewarded for his compassion towards his patients, coworkers and job.  Draper never complains about what he has to do or what he has been asked to do.  He rarely asks for help because he truly loves and cares about what he does here at UAMS.  He never attempts to get out of doing a task that is not enjoyable.  He just smiles and gets started.  Draper has made my transition here at UAMS very pleasurable and I will never be able to truly express how important he is here on F7.  He is a great coworker and a wonderful friend.”  

Way to go Draper.

Please congratulate Draper for Being Exceptional Every day at UAMS!