December 2, 2018

December 2018 DAISY Award

DAISYChrissy Wright, RN – F5 – Neonatal ICU

Please join the Center for Nursing Excellence in congratulating Chrissy Wright, RN for being selected as the DAISY Award recipient for the month of December!

Chrissy works on F5 – Neonatal ICU and was nominated by a family member of a patient.  The nomination below reflects how Chrissy impacted their life in a very special way.

My daughter was born at 27 weeks’ gestation and is in the NICU.  I have had complicated pregnancies, my previous one before my daughter Evie, ended at 24 weeks.  She did not survive.  Although, I was happy to have a baby that lived this time, but it broke my heart to see her in this shape.  All the tubes, cords and blue lights.

In those first two weeks, I was asked nearly every day by Evie’s nurses, “Is this your first baby?”  It’s a difficult question to answer.  After 3 previous pregnancies, the last being an extremely hard loss the year before, I want to say, “No”.  My heart honors those babies.  My heart honors my first daughter Norah born sleeping last year.  But, to not make a situation awkward or have to recount sad memories.  I always answered “Yes, she’s my first.”  I take the easy route.

I met Chrissy around that time into our NICU journey.  She was bubbly, lively, and just happy.  She started telling me the normal stuff, about Evie’s day.  She had learned that I had Evie prematurely because of preeclampsia and was asking me if I had any other complications before Evie.  This opened the door for me to share my story.  She sat down with me and I shared my story.  I learned she too, had lost a child.  We immediately found a bond.

She asked me the next day if Evie had a primary nurse.  I didn’t even know what this was, so Chrissy had to explain it to me.  None of the other nurses had explained or offered to be Evie’s primary nurse.

She already had made an impression on me by sitting down and asking me about my life, so I knew she had to be the one to be Evie’s primary!  

I have grown to love her more every day since then.  She is a fantastic nurse.  Most importantly, a warm nurturer to my daughter.  She goes to hold my daughter on days I work and can’t be there.  She goes above and beyond on tiny details that’s just heartwarming and comforting as a parent.

Miss Chrissy has made our NICU experience the best possible.  She has been my light in a dark sky.  She will forever be in my heart and I am eternally grateful for her being a part of Evie’s life.

Great job, Chrissy Wright!

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