May 1, 2018

May 2018 DAISY Award

Kristie GoberKirstie Gober, RN – A5 – High Risk Antepartum/Postpartum

Please join the Center for Nursing Excellence in congratulating Kirstie Gober, RN for being selected as the DAISY Award recipient for the month of May!

Kirstie works on A5 – High Risk Antepartum/Postpartum and was nominated by a co-worker.  The nomination below reflects how Kirstie impacted their life in a very special way.

The day this happened will always remain in each of our hearts. Kirstie is a wonderful nurse, who shows compassion in everything that she does. There was a patient on the unit who started to decline very rapidly. Kirstie recognized the change in her patient’s status from her morning assessment. She responded quickly to the changes and notified the physician team. The patient continued to decline further and was moved rapidly to labor and delivery. Although we lost this patient 30 minutes after she was moved, we were able to save her baby. I witness one of the kindest nurses I know contemplate her career move to women’s health because of the loss of this mother. A couple of weeks later we received a photo of the infant and how well he was doing. Kirstie gives her all with every patient. She struggled with this loss. After that picture, you can see the spark come back to her. Although you never want to lose any patient, Kirstie acted quickly and got the patient to a higher level of care. We saved a infants life that day. Kirstie strives to make a difference everyday in each of our patients’ lives and it shows through her kindness and compassion for every life that enters our unit.”

Great job, Kirstie!

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