May 1, 2018

May 2018 BEE Award

BEE AwardLavonte Arberry, Patient Care Technician – F8 – Cardiac Progressive Care

Please join the Center for Nursing Excellence in congratulating Lavonte Arberry for being selected as the May BEE Award winners!

Lavonte is a patient care technician on F8 – Cardiac Progressive Care and was nominated by a patient.  The following is the story of how Lavonte impacted the patients’ life in a way that he will never forget.

Lavonte really stood out from the other care givers.  He was concerned about the patient and not just the task.  Not rushed, very attentive to my needs and always followed up without being reminded.  When Lavonte left the room he made sure the lights were as I wanted, my tray was reachable and that I had everything I needed.  Lavonte was very personable and showed interest in me.  He told me that he always thinks as the patient as his family member and treats them the way family is treated.  In my case, he said his “Grandfather.”  Very much appreciated Lavonte work ethic.

Way to go Lavonte.

Please congratulate Lavonte for Being Exceptional Every day at UAMS!