DAISY of the MONTH for October 2016

Samantha Rose, RNIV

F9 ENT/Ortho Surgical Specialties

Here are a few examples a peer from F9 had to say about Samantha’s dedication to nursing and to our patients and families:

“Samantha consistently goes above and beyond her nursing duties, usually a part of her daily practice.  I’ve become so accustomed to it that I’m afraid I have taken it for granted instead of ensuring that she gets the recognition she deserves.  Here are a few examples that stick out to me.  We had a patient who was classified as an elopement risk.  This patient had several issues delaying discharge including the patient who could be challenging at times.  Samantha was able to gain the patient’s trust by going the extra mile in making the patient feel comfortable and safe in our environment.  She spent time talking, joking, and playing music even when this patient wasn’t assigned to her and she didn’t forget to stop at the store to pick up this patient’s favorite ice cream!

Another example involved Samantha going the extra mile in spending her own money again to brighten a patient’s day.  We had a long term patient who was a quadriplegic.  This patient relied completely on the staff to care for their needs and again Samantha did her best to engage the patient, making the patient feel comfortable, joking, and playing music during baths or dressing changes.  She recognized how a little gesture can make a huge impact.  For this patient, she bought replacement stylets because she knew the only contact this patient had with family and friends that also provided this patient’s main sources of entertainment was through an iPad.  The patient controlled the stylet via the mouth to interact with the iPad.  Unfortunately, the stylet would get lost, fall on the floor, or wear out.  Samantha made sure this patient had replacement stylets.

The last example involved a patient who was transported to another department for a procedure.  Samantha received a “desat” message via her vocera.  The patient had a tracheostomy and was unable to speak.  Even though this patient was off the floor, in a different part of the hospital, Samantha gathered the equipment/oxygen and went to check on the patient.  She is very experienced with trachs and immediately recognized the subtle signs that were not easily familiar to others without ENT training.  Samantha went into action and applied oxygen, called for assistance and took the necessary steps to get the patient’s airway cleared.  The patient did well but had experienced a life-threatening situation.  Samantha didn’t hesitate to take action.  That is the kind of nurse she is … truly compassionate, caring and always has the best interest of the patient in mind.

CONGRATULATIONS to Samantha for being selected as our October Daisy of the Month!  Nomination forms can be accessed @