BEE Award

September 2017 BEE Award

Sabrina Hartwig, RT and Mackenzie Meredith, RT – Radiology Department

Please join the Center for Nursing Excellence in congratulating Sabrina Hartwig and Mackenzie Meredith for being selected as the September BEE Award winners!

Sabrina and Mackenzie both work as Radiology Technologists (RT) in the Radiology Department and were nominated by a UAMS employee who works on Unit F7 – Stem Cell Transplant/Myeloma.

The following is the story of how Sabrina and Mackenzie exemplified teamwork by stepping outside their official job duties and tending to the needs of a patient with tremendous care and compassion.

The staff came to me in awe regarding this situation and I hope I relay the story the way it was described: Sabrina and Mackenzie are X-ray techs from the Radiology Department that arrived on F7 to perform some bedside X-rays with a student tech, Brian Cohens. F7 staff would like to share our gratitude with fellow peers about how amazing and kind they were to one of our myeloma patients during a time of need. Many times when patients soil themselves on accident, others would direct the patient back to nursing care despite the discomfort of being soiled. All three of these heros banded together and, without asking or calling for assistance, cleaned up the patient without a second thought. It is really nice to see teamwork and putting the needs of a patient above all others. The entire unit was taken by this sweet act of kindness and we greatly admire their compassion. I hope that others learn and live by their caring, compassionate example.”

Please congratulate Sabrina and Mackenzie for Being Exceptional Every day at UAMS!

The BEE Award honors non-nurse staff who provide exceptional care for patients and family. To nominate a deserving patient care staff member, please visit: