BEE Award

March 2017 BEE Award

Pamela Handloser, OT – PRI

Please join the Center for Nursing Excellence in congratulating Pamela Handloser for being selected as the March BEE Award winner!

Pamela is an Occupational Therapist in the Psychiatric Research Institute (PRI) and was nominated by her manager. The following is their story of how Pamela impacted a patient’s life in a way that they will never forget.

“The director of the CDU at PRI sent me an email commending Pam for her contributions at PRI. A 12-year-old patient at PRI recently spoke at her discharge conference (first time in over 700 admissions) and talked about Pam for what she meant to her during her stay. She spoke about how Pam showed her that there was more than one way to address an issue and made her realize that her words influence how others saw her. Pam was able to reach her and make her understand this in a way that other staff were not. Pam also was able to find a subtle visual issue that other staff had not noticed during their individual evaluations. I am Pam’s supervisor and received consistent comments about her outstanding team work and dedication to the children in the CDU at PRI.  She is very supportive of the children and interacts with them in a way that is caring, yet she is able to steer them in the right direction when they display behavioral issues. She is very dedicated and has been willing to treat an outpatient – even though she works solely in the inpatient area – in order to meet the needs of the patient as she was the most qualified OT to treat the deficit areas of this patient. In order to do this, she had to learn outpatient Medicare rules/regulations and the outpatient documentation system. She’s an outstanding employee that constantly works to improve her knowledge base and skills.”

Please congratulate Pamela for Being Exceptional Every day at UAMS!