March 2017 DAISY Award

Melissa Thomas, RN III – The Myeloma Institute

Congratulations to Melissa Thomas, RN III for being selected as the DAISY Award recipient for the month of March!

Melissa works in The Myeloma Institute and was nominated by a co-worker who was also a patient.  The nomination below reflects how Melissa impacted her life in a very special way.

“During an EPIC class in the Barton Building, my glucose level dropped. I had been having trouble with my vision and am awaiting cataract surgery. My co-worker, Melissa Thomas, who was also attending class, was sitting across the aisle from me and was watching me to see if I needed help with class activities. I was using a desktop magnifier to help me view the screen, but it was difficult to get through the class. At one point, I just couldn’t figure things out anymore. I am told that Melissa kept getting up out of her seat to help me place the mouse where it belonged on the screen, and to put my fingers on the correct keys on the keyboard. She later told me that she noticed my hands were clammy and my pupils were pinpoint. I became unable to respond to her or my classmates and instructors. She recognized that I might have low blood sugar, and sprang into action, working with other people in the class to get me eating jelly beans, drinking juice, etc. My glucose finally got to 42 and then to 67 but I was not responding. The rapid response team was called and I was taken to the Emergency Department. Thanks to Melissa’s clinical observations and prompt action, I did not go into a coma and possibly die, although I am sure it was a very close call.”

Great job, Melissa!

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