August 2017 DAISY Award

Lauren Thomas, RN – F9

Congratulations to Lauren Thomas, RN for being selected as the DAISY Award recipient for the month of August!

Lauren works as a nurse on F9. She was nominated for the award by her CSM, APP, and a co-worker. The nominations below describes how Lauren made a lasting impact on patients and their family’s lives.

From CSM, Christina Davis

Lauren has recently been involved in multiple emergency situations where she took the initiative to ensure patient safety even though she was not assigned to the patient. One event happened on a Saturday when we had two rapid response situations occurring simultaneously. Lauren used her teamwork skills to help both assigned RNs and the charge nurse ensure that the patients had what they needed; and everyone, including physicians, were updated on the progress in a timely manner. A few weeks later, she was found at the bedside of a patient experiencing a seizure, ensuring her safety while the assigned nurse was unavailable. Lauren was also recently involved in a mock rapid response of a patient that arrived to an empty room. Lauren took the lead and assured the patient that she was safe and would not be left alone. She is always a go-to person in the middle of a stressful situation and has outstanding team skills. I have been impressed with how she always assists the charge nurse with management of the entire unit and wants the entire team to be successful. We are very proud of Lauren’s growth!

From Co-worker, Tara Lamm
Lauren is a great leader and asset to F9. She is always willing to lend a helping hand, especially in a crisis or rapid response patient situation. One example of her leadership is when we experienced a mock stroke patient experience on our unit. Lauren was quick and eager to take the leading role as the patient’s nurse. Although this was a mock experience, Lauren took over as the patient’s nurse and F9 team members were eager to offer help. Lauren confidently and quickly took proper care of the patient, and received ample praise from the mock patient after the experience. An example as to how Lauren is a great asset to F9 is that she serves as a Charge Nurse, F9 Skin Resource Nurse, F9 Unit Council chairperson, CNO Advisory Board member, and manages the PCT schedule. She balances her work life well with being a new mom and also owning a gym. F9 couldn’t thrive as it does without the strong leadership of Lauren Thomas!

From APP, D’Anna Williams

Lauren is one of our “go-to” nurses on F9. She is always first to volunteer to help, to participate, or to be involved. She is our Skin Resource Nurse, our Unit Council chairperson, one of our charge nurses and one of our preceptors. Lauren is currently leading our community service project in partnership with her church. She has encouraged and motivated many of our staff to donate to this “Shirt Off Your Back” project. Lauren is a born leader and is usually the first to respond to a request for help. She calmly and confidently leads in code and rapid response situations. She advocates for both patients and co-workers and is a great resource for our newer staff.

Great job, Lauren!

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