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Refer a New Direct Care RN and Earn $12,000 by using the Referral Form link below

Effective April 1, 2015
Revised January 15, 2017
Revised June 7, 2017

RN Refer

You Are Our Best Asset! Check out the Integrated Clinical Enterprise (ICE) RN Program where any full-time or part-time (50%) nurse within ICE is eligible to refer a full-time RN (Direct Care RNs only with three years of current bedside hospital experience) to be hired for any area that is open 24 hours/day, seven days/week, i.e., Inpatient, Emergency Department, Surgical Services or Psychiatric Research Institute.

Here are the basics of the program:

  • Referring nurse’s name, department and phone# must be listed on the application under “Source Information” section at the time of application, prior to hire/start date.
  • Referral form must be completed and submitted to Nurse Recruitment before processing will occur.   
  • Only one referral/referring nurse is accepted.
  • Receive $1000 after new hire successfully completes the probationary period. $3000 balance is paid at the end of one year. $4000 balance is paid at the end of two years and three years of employment. Recipient responsible for taxes.
  • Both employees must maintain same or greater employment status to receive payments.
  • Ineligible employees: Nursing Directors, Clinical Services Managers, Advanced Practice Partners, ADONs, Nurse Recruitment, traveling nurses, agency nurses, internal transfers, rehires less than 6 months of most recent termination date.

Consult Nurse Recruitment for specific details that are subject to change based on need or contact us by calling 501-686-5691 or e-mail

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