Admission Assessment (H6C)/Observation (A4)  

A4, scheduled to open in early 2018, will have 12-beds.  This unit will provide comprehensive quality care to patients who require a short term hospital stay following a surgical procedure or to stabilize a medical condition. Patients are admitted as an observation patient and usually stay in the hospital for 24 hours or less.  A multidisciplinary approach to care for these patients is utilized to maximize our ability to care for patients in a short period of time.  H6C has 7 beds and also receives patients who may need immediate intervention while waiting for a bed to become available on their specialty unit.”

Cardiovascular/Medical Specialties (F8)

F8 is a 30-bed adult inpatient unit specializing in the care and treatment of patients belonging to the Cardiology, Cardiothoracic (CT) Surgery, and Vascular Surgery teams, as well as Medicine and Hospitalists teams.  Our interprofessional team works together to meet the needs of patients with heart and/or vascular conditions including patients recovering from open heart surgery transferred from the CVICU, angioplasty, pacemaker insertion, vascular surgery, aneurysm repair, amputations, heart attack, arrhythmias, heart failure, and wide variety of other conditions.  Patients on telemetry are remotely monitored, and portable bedside monitors are available for patients requiring closer observation.  F8 embraces the mission and values of the UAMS Integrated Clinical Enterprise philosophy of patient care delivery.

ENT/Ortho/Plastics Surgical Specialties (F9)

F9 is a 30-bed unit providing care to adult and adolescent patients with surgical conditions. Orthopedic procedures include digit and limb re-implantation, joint replacement, re-constructive surgery, the latest in internal and external fixation of fractures. In addition, nurses care for extensive Head and Neck (ENT) surgical patients, for large wounds, including muscle flaps, as well as plastic surgery patients. The experienced primary nurse will care for patients with tracheostomies, free flaps, stomas, wound vacs, post-mastectomy reconstruction, various drains, and tube feedings, as well as manage other complicated interventions. The needs of the surgical patient bring together the physician, nurse, social worker, rehabilitation specialists, WOCN nurse, respiratory therapist, psychiatric nurse, patient educator, case manager and dietician for a multidisciplinary approach to care.

Medical/Surgical Unit specializing in Solid Organ Transplantation (H9)

H9 is a 30 bed medical/surgical adult inpatient unit serving general medical and surgical patients from adolescent age to geriatrics. The unit specializes in the care of the adult renal and liver failure patients, solid organ transplant patients, renal failure patients requiring peritoneal dialysis, general surgery patients, colorectal and urology patients. H9 also cares for moderate to high acuity and progressive care patients. Through an interdisciplinary approach, quality care is delivered to our patients using a customized primary nursing modality to meet the physical, emotional, and educational needs of both the patient and their family.

Neurology/Neurosurgery (H8)

H8 is a 30 bed unit that provides care to adolescent, adult, and geriatric Neuroscience patients. Up to 6 beds are designated for Neurosurgical and Neurologic progressive patients requiring more intensive assessments and interventions.  Diagnoses include; craniotomy, spinal surgery, deep brain stimulation, lumbar drain management, brain injury, stroke and provoked seizure monitoring.